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August 1, 2013
Nora, Cara and Freya

Nora, Cara and Freya

Snuffy and I were delighted to see Freya, Cara and Nora and their Mum and Dad again. The stayed for a week and Snuffy had the time of her life playing with them in the sunshine. If you look back the blogs, you’ll see a picture of the three musketeers a year ago. It was lovely to see them again!

It’s a busy year with lots of guests on the island. The hostel is running pretty well full and Dan, Jaishree and Flavia are all working hard to keep it fresh and welcoming. I was inspected a couple of weeks ago for the Green Tourism awards and though I’ve not heard officially believe that I’m still a Gold award. Good!

There have been some interesting wildlife sightings over the past few weeks. Several folk have spent time above the beach watching the otters feed, a group are sure that the saw an Orca (killer whale) off the North End -which is possible as there is a pod around these parts and sedge warbler’s (no, I’d never heard of them either…) are nesting in the willows. A couple of weeks ago as I took Snuffy for a walk in a pea soup fog three deer appeared from the mist, jumped the fence and vanished. A combination of a very low tide and flat calm conditions made for an easy swim for them. I’ve heard no more about them so presumably they’ve swum back home to Mull by now.




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