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Bookart workshop

March 20, 2013

Rachel Hazell taught a bookart weekend in the hostel recently. It was a great success and everyone left clutching very beautiful driftwood-bound books full of their thoughts, lettering and illustrations. I sneeked in now and then to see what was happening and to hover around Anja’s cakes which she made for the group every day. One evening everyone squeezed into the crofthouse to watch ‘I know where I’m Going’ -an excellent old film and a must for any trip to Mull and Iona. Below are some photo’s of the course which will give a hint of what was going on.

This was a trial for me and turned out to be a great success -very largely down to Rachels’ inspirational teaching (though the big wooden table and Anja’s cakes had a part in it too). I was very pleased to see the hostel being used creatively as it’s an aspect of the hostel that I’ve wanted to develop for a long time.  So, if you have a course that you would like to run on Iona, say, between beginning of November and the middle of March -speak to me.







Things are going well around the croft and hostel. The weather, though cold, tends to be dry and bright so that is allowing us to get on with outdoor work. Every day, once the hostel is sorted Eva gets out to the garden while Freya and Michael paint, fix, tidy and generally move the place on. After a lull, the byre is now cleared and swept and ready for another run at it ! It’s so close to being done -I just need to set proper time aside for us to actually do it. In the meantime, as I pass the upturned ‘Black Boat’ (green) I slosh on some more paint.

For those of you interested in such things, I’ve just received a friendly email from the man who Clovelly was originally named after as a wee boy: the ‘Boy Jonathan’. He still lives around Stonehaven and was able to tell me her early story. In return, I’m able to pass on what became of her when she left his family. How satisfying. In fact, I think she deserves a photo here to remind you of what I’m talking about !


The biggest hostel news (certainly the most expensive…) is that I’m about to have solar panels fitted – 8 KW’s worth, which is quite a large spread of panels. It’s a long-term investment that makes good sustainable sense and that enhances the Hostels reputation as an eco-destination.  I’m excited about this and it’s happening just at the right time to make the most of the summer light. By the time I do my next blog it should be up and running.

Lastly, I’ve bought myself a lovely second hand bike on eBay -a huge Dutch Gazelle. A fabulous big thing with only three gears that will get my leg muscles squealing in agony as I cycle up the brae at MacLean’s Cross. Sort of apt. I’m determined to look stately and relaxed though -so that might fool some of the folk some of the time…


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