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May 6, 2012

A dusk walk with Snuffy round the croft and heard the first Corncrake (on Iona ?) outside the hostel in the place they return to each year. A lovely, evocative sound.

(Next day)  Turns out that Marc heard them on Friday night…damn.  Not being an ornithologist I didn’t have a good corncrake pic (and they are slightly dull looking wee birds anyway) so I enclose a photo of my ducks sprinting to give you the idea…. You will note the Christmas decorations on their house behind. -Don’t ask.

There is in fact a very tenuous link in that the corncrake that nests near the hostel used to hang around with the ducks. Must have made him feel secure or something. Less alone in a strange new land.  Sadly, my lovely ducks all got killed by a mink last year. I miss them. I consider getting more, but at present I’m trying to simplify my life and ducks, for all their pleasures and benefits,  don’t really do that.

Next time you look into the eyes of a duck you will realise that they are perfect subjects to anthropomorphise: they have the eyes of a little sentient being and you can spend a happy hour watching their society and trying to work out what they are up to. They make life /that little bit of grass seem so interesting. You might find yourself wanting to join in !  Hens, however, (and this contentious statement is my opinion alone) scare the wits out of you because when you look in their eyes you see the dead, cold look of a fish or reptile. You understand by that computing,  camera lens of an eye that the only thing distinguishing you from a potential food source is your size. Beware of hens ! They are the spawn of dinosaurs and cold blooded hunters. Buy a duck instead. And the eggs are nicer.

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  1. Christian MacLean permalink
    May 11, 2012 2:25 pm

    Yes, if you narrow your eyes the ducks really could be corncrakes-in fact if you narrow them enough they could be herons,or maybe otters….. Love the blog and the new video. Keep up the naturalist bit, I think you have a really interesting new take on it. Christian xx

    • May 11, 2012 4:13 pm

      Well Sis, You may mock, but I bet you’re impressed that I’m expanding from the ‘seagull versus speug’ stage of ornithology… Jx

      • Christian MacLean permalink
        May 11, 2012 10:06 pm

        Ah-realise now I should have disguised my identity…blast, too late now. Yes, I was really impressed, and by your analysis of bird brains…
        C xx

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